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Tips for Great Holiday Photos
You can take great holiday photos! It is easier than you think. Just follow these tips and you will preserve those special memories for years to come!
1 Have your camera ready and waiting to capture the moment.
2 If possible, use a zoom lens or a camera capable of zoom. This will put your subjects at ease, especially children, without you having to be to close
3 Do not pose your subject, let them be themselves. Think about the best photos that you have taken and you will realize that they are the ones in which the subjects were just having fun.
4 Before taking the photo, take a moment and look around the frame to be sure it is framed the way you want it and that there is nothing in the photo which distracts from your subject.
5 When shooting indoors, make sure you are close enough to your subject to insure that your flash will illuminate them properly.
6 When shooting outdoors, the light is optimal either early morning or late afternoon. Never shoot at noon. Noon light is the harshest light.
7 Be creative, turn your camera vertically! Don’t always place your subject in the center of the frame.
8 If there is bright light behind your subject, remember to use a flash to compensate for it.
9 Take lots of pictures! Especially if you are photographing a group. Remember, everyone may not have the right expression the first time.
10 Make it fun. This will help your subjects feel at ease.
11 If you are using an (SLR) single lens reflex camera, filters are a great way to enhance your photos. A star filter catches the light and stretches it to the shape of a star. Your Christmas tree will look fabulous. Outdoor shots will benefit with the use of a polarizing filter, which cuts down on glare and acts much like sun glasses.
12 When using a digital camera, be sure to set the resolution to the highest setting available. The resolution determines the quality of the photo.
13 Using auxiliary flashes can help light problem areas. They are inexpensive small units which can be placed around the room and will be triggered by your cameras flash, providing a more even light in the room.
14 A tripod not only provides stability for your camera, it also allows you to get into the photo to be part of that group shot by using the camera’s self timer.
15 When framing your photos keep in mind what you are trying to capture. The expression on a child’s face opening their presents, or other candid moments. Try to frame your photos properly so no cropping is necessary later on.
16 Remember to stock up on fresh batteries for your camera and flash. If using rechargeable batteries, have them ready.
17 Check out all equipment well in advance to make sure everything is working properly.
18 If using a film camera, have more than enough film on hand. Storing film in the refrigerator preserves it.
19 If using a digital camera, make sure that you have enough memory space available. Having one or more cards is a good idea.
20 After the holidays, don’t forget to have that film developed. Film will break down, even after it is exposed, so don’t forget about it! With digital, download your cards to your computer and make a CD of the images before you erase your card. Remember computers have been known to crash. If you don’t have a computer, most photo labs can do this for you. Preserve your images!
Spending some time familiarizing yourself with your camera will insure that you will be ready to take all those holiday pictures. Take lots of practice photos. Have a great holiday!